Men's Camouflage Hooded Hunting Jacket

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Men's Camo Hunting Jacket with Hood - Made in USA

When the game walks by you without seeing you, that is camouflage you can count on. A heavy-duty camo look that is superior and made from durable materials.  The Men’s Camouflage hooded Hunting Jacket, Union Made in the USA exclusively for American Mystique and it comes with Free Shipping. Great for hunting, work, or just regular wear, with ‘Superflauge Camo by Lynch", one of the originators of Camouflaged apparel in America.  Super warm and we wear them in -20 Below Zero Weather! Lots of Camo patterns out there - but this is the one that hides you and really mixes with the background.  And if anyone knows camo patterns, its Lynch.

Tested for dryness in the big Minnesota Wet Duck Season and it kept everyone dry to the bone, just what a hunting jacket is made to do.  With a new tree limb and brush look, this Superflauged pattern will allow you to merge into any tree or brush background with balanced results. They won’t see you in the brush and others will admire you at the Mall.  An outstanding Camouflaged patterned hooded jacket for cold wet weather and it keeps you dry in the big wet no matter if Deer is you game or you are sitting in camo waiting for the ducks to flyover. This has the most functional look and designed for success. 

Great for any type of wear or use, this camouflaged hooded hunting jacket comes with 6.0 oz. filler for warmth and protects you from the cold wind with Scrimback®, a unique wind blocking material attached just inside the lining. With Scrimback® protection for the life of the jacket, you can’t miss the hunting season. Scrimback holds in the warmth, blocks out the cold, and does not wash out like some spray applications.  Nylon knit cuffs and collar shut out the cool air and moisture, plus this camo hooded jacket with its new 21st Century technology is so light, you are going to forget you are wearing it. Has an easy flow front zipper.    Made in the Good Ol USA by American Hunters and Veterans who hunt just like you.  An American Mystique favorite, so favorite we proudly wear it ourselves!   Made in USA.

  • Superflauge Camouflage Pattern by Lynch
  • Warm 5.3oz poly fill in full Quilted design including sleeves
  • Scrimback wind-blocking protection inside Lining
  • Rain repellent
  • Front zipper
  • Two front slash pockets
  • Deep inside pocket
  • Quilted Hood with drawstring
  • Knit cuffs and waistband
  • Roomy shoulders
  • Made in USA for American Mystique!
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