Leather Bomber Jacket with Fur Collar (Mens)

 Our collection of men's leather bomber jackets with fur collars exemplifies timeless design and tough quality. Each jacket is expertly constructed with high-end quality leathers, delivering you ultimate comfort and deep warmth. Fur collars add luxury and an extra layer of protection against cold weather, making these jackets outstanding for winter attire. Plus, you look great in any style of U. S. Leather Bomber Jacket.

Our collection features iconic designs like our Cockpit Navy G1 Leather Flight Jacket and the Cockpit Pearl Harbor B3 Bomber Jacket. These jackets not only pay tribute to the heroic past and are still popular to modern shoppers. The fur-trimmed linings and sheepskin hoods of the B3 offer excellent insulation, keeping you warm in the most extreme conditions.

If you're seeking the classic look of a bomber from WWII or a modern interpretation of the vintage look, our jackets blend functionality with a modern fit design. Fashionable, durable, and steeped in history, these leather bomber jackets with fur collars make an essential item for every wardrobe.   They provide you with ultimate warmth and remain very fashionable every season. Explore our collection and find the best fit for you that is both cozy and stylish.

The History of a Bomber Jacket

The history of the bomber jacket started in the skies. World War I pilots, fighting the frigid cold of open cockpits, wore bulky leather jackets for warmth. The early versions, constructed out of sealskin or horsehide, proved to be functional over form.  Each pilot wore his own styling.

Then, fast-forward to World War II, the bomber jacket took off along with the advancements in aviation. The iconic B-3 and the luxurious sheepskin lining were symbols for American bombardier crews. Its remarkable warmth outperformed anything available for several years into the war until alternatives could be used.  Yet the designs cemented the bomber jacket's importance in aviation history as well as today’s modern fashion.

The Advantages of Men's Leather Bomber Jackets with Fur Collars

A masculine look of the leather bomber jacket with a fur collar is more than just an outerwear piece; it defines you. It's a timeless styling statement that mixes undeniable masculine look with practical advantages. This is why you'll be awed by our CockpitUSA classic look jackets:

Effortless elegance:

The luxurious combination of buttery-soft leather and authentic fur collars adds instant elegance to any attire. It enhances your appearance and makes heads turn everywhere you go.

Unmatched warmth:

Cockpit jackets are made from the very best cuts of leather and with a fur collar, it becomes incredibly warm during the winter and fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Durable construction:

Made in the USA, from high quality leather, CockpitUSA bomber jackets are designed to endure time and use. This makes them ideal for many years of use and a wonder addition to your outerwear wardrobe.

A new concept of versatility:

Our leather jacket is appropriate for wearing casually with a T-shirt and jeans or at formal occasions with a tie.

A timeless look:

Leather bomber jackets that have fur collars aren't old fashion. Their style is timeless, which means they are always trendy, whatever the time of year. This makes owning a CockPitUSA Made Bomber Jacket worth it!

A glimpse into how CockpitUSA Crafts These Timeless Men's Fur Collar Bomber Jacket Collections

My Bomber Jacket is very proud of the high quality of every item we offer, including CockpitUSA’s fur collar men's bomber jackets. This is evident in the jackets artistry, as it shows that CockPit pays attention to the minute details as well as being a testament to the quality of the product, as they create the highest standards in the market.

Here's an insight into the manufacturing process

● Find your perfect leather

We select top-of-the-line premium hides known for their softness, strength, and supple texture to give our garments a luxurious feeling while remaining weather-resistant. 

●Expertly cut and constructed

Our skilled artisans meticulously cut each leather piece to warrant the perfect fit and clean, sleek, slim shape. This fur-lined collar has been expertly put on by hand to give it an impeccable appearance.

●Uncompromising hardware

We employ only the best zippers, snaps, and buckles to ensure smooth operation and a hint of rugged appeal. These accessories boost the overall appearance and assure durability for the long haul.

●Rich fur trimmings

We make use of ethically sourced fur that is known for its luxurious and dense texture. It provides a touch of class and a lot of warmth during the colder seasons.

● Rigorous quality control

Every jacket is subject to several tests during the manufacturing process to assure the best quality and a flawless end product that will give you the satisfaction of having the pleasure of wearing it for a long time.

So, remember, when you purchase a CockPitUSA leather bomber jacket from MyBomberJacket.com, you're investing in a piece of outerwear that has timeless styling and exceptional quality that will last for decades.

Our Care Guide: Keeping Your Leather Bomber Jacket with Fur Collar Looking Its Best

Our leather bomber jackets with fur collars are investments for the long run that impart style and warmth at the same time. Here's how to ensure that your jacket lasts years and appears its best.

Leather Care


In order to remove small stains or dirt, clean the affected areas using a moist microfiber cloth and a little soft soap and water. Beware of chemicals that are extremely strong as they can harm the leather.


Your Bomber Jacket does not need  conditioning, it comes already soft and ready to wear.

●Drying naturally

Always dry your leather jacket by laying on a large chair or couch area, and keep it from direct heat sources like a hair dryer. Avoid putting it in a dryer in case this reduces the size of your jacket or softens the leather.  Strong heat to dry leather hurts and can easily ruin the jacket.

Fur Collar Care

● Brushing Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of dirt and dust from the collar. Do not brush hard.

●Hang separately to allow air to get to the leather.

General Storage Tips

●Store on a wide hanger

Use a wide-shoulder hanger in order to keep the jacket's shape. Avoid hanging wet, as this could cause stretching.

●Keep in dry place

Keep the jacket you've purchased in a dry, cool space far from direct sun. Do not place under plastic as this starves the leather.

●Stuff the sleeves

To keep shoulders from losing shape, fill the sleeves with non-acidic paper in order to preserve their original form.

If you adhere to these easy maintenance guidelines, you can be assured that the bomber leather that has a fur collar is stylish, as well as having warmth and lasting appeal.


1.Why do some bomber jackets have fur collars?
In the past, bomber jackets with fur collars were made to protect pilots during World War II. The fur collar (often mouton or sheepskin) added warmth and protection from the cold temperatures that accompany high-altitude flight. The fur collars also helped block the wind and snow.

2.Can today’s younger man wear a bomber jacket?
Absolutely, its timeless design lends itself to being worn by men of any body type and age. When selecting, look for an elegant style and fit that complements your body type. Opt for neutral colors such as brown, black, or navy to create an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance.  Remember, this jacket is going to make you look real good.  The Ladies will love you in it!

3.Are bomber jackets in style for men in 2024?
Yes, bomber jackets will remain fashionable pieces for men in 2024. Their versatility means that you can dress them up or down. To stay ahead of fashion, keep an eye out for US Made Leather Jackets for that high quality look and fit.

4.What kind of collar can a Leather Bomber Jacket have?
Bomber jackets can be equipped with many different collar styles! Her is an assortment of collar styles is commonly seen on bomber jackets.

●Ribbed knit collar: An informal choice offering comfort and relaxation.

●Stand-up collar: A more structured collar that adds a touch of sophistication.

●Fur collar: The iconic bomber jacket collar offers warmth and luxuriousness in equal measure.

●Shearling collar: Similar to a fur collar but made out of sheepskin with its wool still attached.