Shipping - Merchant Policy

Customer Exchanges & Returns

Note - does not Sale or Promote the Selling of Customer Emails and other Customer Personal Information. Neither does any of our Suppliers. We are committed to protecting your personal information. In regards to the EU''s GDPR, We only retain the information required by Law, such as transaction information and shipping information. If you have established a "personal account" with us, and at some point would like it removed, we are happy to do so for you. 

*We use UPS as our standard shipping carrier through contract. and its parent company American Mystique retains the right to choose another carrier for expediency or other shipping concerns. To cut down on the threat of fraud, we do not ship Next Day and ship only to the Credit Card address listed with your account.  This protects our customers interest, information, and purchasing power.

USA Customers -Can Return & Exchange Using a Return Authorization Number (Read Easy Instructions).

***Christmas Returns have a longer grace period, till*Midnight December 31st* to request a Return Authorization Number.  That way gifts can set under the Tree.  All Purchases between Nov 15th and Dec 15th qualify for this Special Christmas Purchase Return or Exchange Policy.  If other arrangements are needed for any reason or time period regarding any purchase for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, just let us know.  We will be happy to accommodate your needs. 

  • Just Request a Return Authorization Number, from, within 10 Days from Delivery for any Returns or Exchanges.  Customer is responsible for all shipping expenses for returns and exchanges, plus insurance.  There is no fee (Zero) for any exchange for size.
  •  ALL Purchases and Order Totals "Over will be sent to the Purchaser's Billing Address.  It is our Policy to protect our customers as much as is possible and this "Protects" both our Customers and Suppliers from Fraudulent Purchases.   In addition, we do not ship to U.S. or other Post Box Addresses.  A physical address is needed for all shipping.
  • Be sure to have your Online Invoice order Number available when contacting us.   Include your Online Invoice Order Number, the name of the item you purchased, and contact information necessary for to get in touch with you.   Example: INVOICE/ORDER #:       5555
  • Even if you don’t like the Product, You can return it.  Articles are subject to a restocking fee regarding a full return according to amount and the warehouse the article was shipped from.  Damaged or worn Returns may not be accepted and are subject up to a 25% Charge depending on the damage if such return is deemed a Forced Return by us.
  • All returns are inspected prior to processing any replacements, exchanges or refunds.
  • Damaged Articles may not receive a Refund. All Damaged Articles are also subject to a 25% Return Fee if retained.  If not retained, the Damaged Article may be sent back to Customer at their expense. (Damaged Articles include alterations, ill-smelling articles, damage to fabric or threads, tears or cuts, burns, wear, pet or human hair, odors of cigarettes, cigars, perfumes, pets, etc.)
  • All original tags must be still attached on the garment. Items damaged while opening shipping package (cuts, slices, scrapes, punctures, etc.) are non-returnable.
  • Exchanges and Returns must be received no less that 14 Days from receiving a Return Authorization Number or Return is voided and will not be accepted.  We do recommend using UPS Standard.
  • Restock Charges of $25 on Full Returns over $300.00 due to restocking fees charged by Suppliers.

Just Email us at:

to request an RA Number for an Exchange for Size or Return. Customer must request an RA Number within 10 Days of delivery unless the Christmas Period is in effect. You can also contact us by phone during normal office hours 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.  If you paid for your order by credit card, a credit will be issued and will appear on your billing statement when the item has been returned and accepted. Customer will receive a copy of that Transaction in their email.  This can take a several days before showing on your account.

Unauthorized Returns bearing No Return Authorizing Number are automatically refused, and sent back to the Sender at their cost. will only conduct business or grant such a request with the Original Purchaser of the product.  Items that are damaged, altered or abused after deliver to the customer cannot be returned or exchanged.  Refunds will be credited less Shipping Fees and Restocking Fee if necessary.  We cannot Refund any Shipping fees.   Insure your return; is not responsible for Shipping Carrier lost, misdirected or damaged returns. Cost of return shipping Insurance is the responsibility of the Customer.

International purchases cannot be returned or exchanged. 

All International purchases, including Canadian, are Final.

Notice of Canadian & International Customer Use of Third (3rd) Party Shipping Carrier

Once or if any Item is shipped by original shipping carrier to a 3rd party shipping carrier or company, bomber jackets, Leather Bomber Jacket, bomber jacket, flight jacket, men's bomber jacket, work jackets, casual leather jackets, men's work jackets, duck jackets, leather flight jackets, pea coats, camouflage jackets, nylon bomber jackets, leather outerwear, men's bomber jackets, leather bomber jacket, women's camo jacket, pink camouflage jackets, classic jackets, made in usa, American made jackets. considers the Item(s) your purchased - "as Delivered in Full to the Customer". assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for delivery, loss, theft, or any non-deliverable goods through any and all Third (3rd) Party Shipping Carriers used by the Purchaser.  Such action will be considered by American Mystique as an International purchase and there are no returns for any International or Canadian purchases.  Once any or all items purchases are delivered to another Company or Entity that intends to ship overseas, on behalf of the Customer, to any County other than the United States, considers the purchase or item fully delivered to the Customer at that point.  

There are No Returns once a Third Party Shipping Carrier is engaged by the Customer by their own transaction, to take possession of the shipped item or Purchase for additional shipment to any destination outside the Continental United States.  At that point, the Purchase or item bought is considered by a "Completed and fulfilled Transaction" and the purchased item the full responsibility of the Purchaser.  


 Security & Privacy Policy regarding Customer Information


Note - does not Sale or promote the Selling of Customer Emails and other Customer Personal Information. Neither does Big Commerce or any of our Suppliers. We are committed to protecting your personal information. In regards to the EU''s GDPR, We only retain the information required by Law, such as partial transaction order information and shipping information. If you have established a "personal account" with us, and at some point would like it removed, we are happy to do so for you.  


1. recognizes Customer Concerns and Worries over Credit Card Usage,  Fraud,  and  possible ID-Theft over the Internet.  We appreciate our Customer's concerns about Private Information and take every step to safeguard all information imparted to us electronically or otherwise.  Authorize.Net processes each transaction and your private information is never seen or viewed by outsiders, nor is it available to hackers.  All information processes and financial transactions take place within a Secured Area and Secured Server.  Our Shopping Cart is Authorize.Net Certified. 

2. only requires the absolute minimum information for the Transaction to take place and to have the product shipped to you.     We do not sell or share your private information with anyone, corporate or otherwise, for purposes such as Prospect Lists, Advertising Lists, or Sales Demographics.     The only information released by and/or American Mystique is the Proper Basic Shipping Address needed to fulfill the shipment to you. 

3. does not Trade, Sell, Give, or Share Individual, Group, or Business Customer Information or Demographics to any individuals or business for any reason other than shipping purposes.   If a Business or Agency is purchasing in Volume or Wholesale, you will be required to furnish a W-9 Form and other forms as required by the type of Sale. 

4.  If you have any doubts concerning this issue, we urge you to call our toll free number to confirm any legitimate Email Message.  Any such "Bogus" Email has probably been a result of Spam Harvesting Search Software and is not a resulting product of or from 

5. takes great Pride in its Customer Service.  Part of this Customer Service involves Email Contact with our Customers.  If Your Email is blocking out everything but highly trusted contacts, we will be unable to contact you by email.  We do not have the time to fill out 'Applications for Trusted Contacts' for each & every Customer.   

6.   All Shopping Cart Credit Card Transactions are initiated and fully submitted for funds capture at the Time of Purchase.   Businesses are only permitted to capture Card Funds within a set 30-day period.  After 30 days, no billing or funds Capture is allowed by the banking system.  Some Retail Stores, as a convenience for their Customers, allow their Shopping Cart, or their Employees to submit or capture Credit Card Funds at a later time or date, depending on merchandise shipments.  To do so, the Retailer must hold, delay, and store that individual Credit Card Data within their computer banks or some other Data holding area.  This simple convenience puts that Customer's Credit Card Information at very high risk for Theft. considers any convenience that puts our customers information at risk, no longer a convenience.

Warranty Statement for all Products Sold

If a item has a Manufacturers Defect it may have to be returned direct to the Original Manufacturer of the product, as per the Manufacturer's Literature and Directions that comes with the Product. is not responsible for Warranties on Products which carry one. Nor are we a repair station. makes no express or implied warranty whatsoever with respect to any merchandise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchant-ability and fitness for a particular purpose. Warranties provided are provided by the Manufacturer only and are as contained in each Manufacturer's Product Package. All requests for warranty information, repairs, and claims should be made directly to the Original Manufacturer. Please ship all repairs directly to the Manufacturer to avoid delays. is not responsible for any manufacture or supplier defects, however will be happy to work with it's customers and on it's customers behalf to assure their satisfaction.  If a Product is damaged or lost during Shipping, please let us know right away. will work to attempt replacement or return for you.

Please note that all Images shown on this website are for display purposes only and serve only for representation purposes. Manufacturers or Suppliers may slightly alter a model production run, featuring added features or perhaps less features with no notice, not shown in their current representations. This is totally out of the control of Sometimes Products are upgraded to include new features and sometimes products are downgraded to exclude a feature no longer used. As a result, American Mystique and/or make no express or implied declaration regarding its online image representations as assertion for image accuracy.