Real Leather or Fake Product

Are You Buying a Real Leather Product or just a Fake from a False Website? 

By, an Authorized Cockpit USA Dealer

Perhaps we should start out at the beginning of this article and clearly state that is a proud Authorized Dealer of all Cockpit USA Merchandise and have been for many years. Maybe as a Customer, you should check the matter out. 

There are lot of false websites and deceitful dealers out there, copycats, Image stealers, or just plain crooks who deal in nothing but internet retail fraud.  If they can fool you, they will steal your money and think nothing of it. Many times, the business is very cleverly disguised to appear legitimate to an online shopper.

Here at, we have had several cases of late where customers have approached us after being fooled by some fake online retailers selling a Cockpit USA Sheepskin Bomber Jacket and/or and A2 or G1 jacket. The Website was just using a stolen image.  Seems the jacket was not a Cockpit USA Product, but the description was close to real and customers were fooled into thinking they were buying something real at a very low price.

Seems they bought from one of these so-called non-dealer online websites or someone on a selling platform, and were promised something other than what was delivered.

USA Made and Manufactured in USA Leather is expensive. Anyone offering some sort of "too good to be real" deal, is most likely offering something other than what you eyes are viewing. In other words, you are buying from a fake website, an outright fraud and not the real item.

As Cockpit USA has stated and published on their website: “We are aware that there are many sites that use our product photos and descriptions without our consent.”

Don't be fooled by an Image or description!

Some of our recent customers originally thought they were buying a genuine Cockpit USA product at an extremely low price, or at a price that seemed too good to be true, and it was. From further investigation, a Cockpit USA Image was lifted from the real website or from an authorized dealer’s website and used to make a sale on the fake website. Unfortunately, what the buying customer received was not what the customer thought they were purchasing and a few did not receive anything at all and a few afterward were unable to contact the seller or failed to hear back from the fake seller.

You have to beware out there and especially online. Copycats and fraudsters are more than willing to fool you because internet crime is not high on the list for law enforcement investigation. In addition, many website can appear to be in the USA, but are in reality based in Pakistan, India, Malaysia, China, Russia, or somewhere inside Africa. These crooks are smart and very slick. Even if they send you something, they are just hoping you will keep it because they are going to keep your money or at least most of it.

There are two types of false imported sheepskin jackets being sold as being made in the USA, a Pakistani made jacket and a faux or false sheepskin jacket from Brazil. The Brazil model is scratchy and most likely made from Lama and offered as real sheepskin. The Pakistani model is made from the worst of pelt left-overs and patched together. Not done well at all. And then there is the false B3 model that is not even sheepskin, but artificial Sherpa lining marketed as real sheepskin. 

Yet, beware as the Image you might be looking at could be a Cockpit USA Image of the product that has been stolen and used to fool you.

It never hurts to check for dealer authorization.

And if the purchase price looks like its too good to be true, it most likely is. Even if that deal is on Alibaba, Amazon, or EBay or some other retail selling platform.  Do your homework!

So, be careful out there and American Mystique will be looking forward to assisting you in your purchase of the best bomber jackets in the world, from CockPit USA! Each has its own “Wow Factor” and is a genuine Cockpit USA Product! Just purchase those wonderful Cockpit USA Leather Bomber Jacket through our own website or another authorized dealer.  And you always email us or call us up and ask about current inventory on any particular jacket, before you buy it!

Below are a list of websites Cockpit USA reminds all to be aware of:

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  • Gearsmore Shop
  • Alan cool
  • Pepopl
  • Canhall-1
  • Magotbior
  • Littlebes
  • Helloaza
  • Seravuy
  • BrosRay
  • LittleVio
  • Omoretee best
  • Yoohabit