G2 Vintage Raider Lambskin Bomber Jacket

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 The WWII G2 Raider Jacket - Made in USA - Free Ground Shipping

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An impressive Military Classic that can be Yours to wear everywhere! An Audacious design right from the beginning, A favorite of B-24 Gunship Crews and Marine Aviators.  G2 Raider Flight Jacket Made in USA. The Leather aviator flight jacket that was so cool, when it was failed to be fully released as ‘military issue’ throughout the Air Corps, it took the civilian market by storm! Born in the later stages of WW II, this cool looking and sleek design G2 leather flight jacket was the creation of both American and Australian influences.

A flight jacket that both military's would utilize and issue out to their aviators and pilots.  Unfortunately, the American War Department was slow to decide about the ‘Raider Jacket’ and the war ultimately ended before any firm decision was made. A few bomber G2 flight jackets were issued out, however the war ended before it became a staple item.  Still, when you come up with something this good, it usually finds a way to survive, and the G2 Raider Jacket has done just that!  80 years later, and its still being produced due to its popularity with the civilian market!

When the Outerwear Apparel Market got wind of the G2 Raider jacket and its sleek modern design, it was love at first sight and the G2 Raider Jacket has been a staple since then. A Classic Tradition that now encompasses two Continents! An American-Anzac Creation for WWII Pilots, the G2 Raider Jacket.

Audacious in it’s design right from the beginning, ---It became an instant favorite of B-25 Bomber Gunship Crews and Marine Aviators of the period. The styling for G2 Raider Flight Jacket is of late WWII and Korean War Vintage. It comes in Regular Sizes and Long Sizes and Favored by many male Celebrities the world over! 

This Garment has undergone a Special Process which results in variations of Shading and Color. These Variations are Intended and Add to the Unique characteristics of This Particular Garment.  

  • The G2 Raider Flight - late WWII and Korean War Vintage
  • Regular Sizes only
  • 100% Superb & Luxurious Vintage Lambskin
  • Sharp Military Styling.
  • zip top and side entry two way corded pockets
  • inside chest pocket
  • bi-swing back for ease of movement
  • knit cuffs and waist band.
  • WWII pilot's aviation inside map lining.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A by Cockpit.



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