9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket | One of the best

Posted by MyBomberJacket.com on 3rd May 2023

9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket | One of the best

9115 nylon bomber jackethas always enjoyed the favored status of customers over the last 5 decades.   However the 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket is what you want to wear on your shoulders this winter! This modernized classic presents old school styling with many modern twists added into the military-like design.  It can function as a navy G1 flight in looks, or as an A2 Bomber style depending on what you do with the collar.

It was originally produced as a replacement for the legendary B15 styled 9115 Nylon Jacket. The 9115 was the civilian fit equivalent of the WWII B10 and B15 Styled flight jackets. The moniker B15 remained in use and has been the market description for these type of nylon bomber jackets.

The 9149 Nylon Bomber Jacket however, uses a quilted Liner that can be removed during better weather. The 9149 Liner produced proved advantageous for Police Agencies and other Government Uses, such as Swat Team. The older design 9115 is pretty good and well like and recognized. However, the new version 9149 is much more adaptable for modern functionality, such as wearing protective vests underneath or even a simple use of having a weapon concealed in a holster.

The removable Fur Collar add a lot of use to the jacket as when the weather gets warmer you can remove the warm fur collar and just go with a cooler normal collar look and feel.  But its changing functionality should not be mistaken.  The 9149 is well built, burly, and solid. Since it’s inception and production, the 9149 has proven its toughness with many police and state patrol agencies.